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"Producers are the alchemists of the theatre". Arts council.

If you work in the performing arts as an actor, writer, director, stage manager, designer or on lights, sound, props or costume, there are many books, resources and courses to help learn your craft and skill.  And yet until very recently, there has been NO INFORMATION on how you can become a producer.  Until now! 



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It is my instinct that the theatre has always survived on mavericks – people with a passion for the theatre who go their own way.”  

Cameron Mackintosh


Well, not really.  Most producers realise they have the desire to create - to produce - whilst doing other jobs in theatre. The worlds most successful theatrical producer, Sir Cameron Macintosh, started in theatre as a deputy stage manager!

This is a new resource that means all questions about producing theatre, appeals for help, job ads and general hints and tips are in one place, for ever.  This site will improve over age and you are invited to make your contribution.  If you have worked with good suppliers, please let us know.  If you can recommend someone or something, please let us know.  And if you are looking for a producer for your new project, this will be the site for you to advertise what you are looking for - for free!

But as a professional site, you will need to apply to access it.  You need to prove you are working regularly in theatre.  But applying is not too stringent.  Amateur theatre practitioners can also apply, provided they work regularly.  And there is a general sign up form below for those not currently in the biz who want to be kept in the loop!

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New producers workshop. Soho, London.  AND 'BUSINESS FOR BOHEMIANS'  -  HOW TO BUDGET A PRODUCTION or tour...  new -  online option coming soon.

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