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Happy Christmas, Creative Producer!

Our Special Offer Newsletter…

Well, here we are.  The time of special festive offers and of course, pantomime.  (Oh yes it is…!)

We have been talking about having a Christmas get-together. There are now an amazing 130 of us!  But due mainly to the scrum of things I’ve been working on up to the festive season, I thought we might have a Christmas get together - next year!  In January.  Probably in London as that is where most of us are based.  Unless you fancy somewhere else, in which case, please let me know.

As I’ve mentioned before, being a producer, especially an independent producer, is a hard slog and you should congratulate yourself on surviving another year. We might not all have castles like Cameron, but meeting the rent is no less an achievement - especially in London. And don’t forget, Sir Cam had 14 flops before he found his first hit.

And talking of surviving - I’ve gone back to my Writer/Director roots for the first time in many years this Christmas. I’ve crafted a national theatre tour with the Olivier Award winning actor, Guy Masterson. He’s a prodigious talent is Guy and also understands what a slog our business can be. Which is why he’s prepared to break his theatre tour to perform in - a Pub!  It’s my doing and a nod to my early roots with Maverick Theatre in Birmingham.

So if you’d like to come to The Wheatsheaf,W1 this Sat or Sunday 16 & 17 Dec, it’d be great to see you and there will be mince pies afterwards.  And the odd drink!  There’s only two shows available now (Phew!) and I can’t offer you free tickets with such a small capacity - I’ve done the figures, and as you know, Spreadsheets Are Our Friends - but if you use the code ‘Charles’ when booking, you will get 50% off!  So an adult ticket will be about £9 and kids a fiver. Bargain! Beat that Old Vic!

Tickets and info from - (And if you run your own venue or space, you might like to book it for next year!)

So hopefully I’ll see you this weekend - come and see how to make excellent theatre in a non-theatre space. I have a few desires to roll out a national pub project perhaps…

And if you can’t make the weekend or our January meet, at least try and have some ‘me time’ over the holiday period. ‘Normal’ people have no idea how exhausting it is constantly thinking, planning - and worrying - about making theatre.

Bless us all, every one.


Nick x